Sokol-Deras Wedding

Capturing intimate moments is a specialty and focus of documentary-style photography.

My Maven Photo + Film partner, Dave Miller, and I worked to bring unique, spectacular moments to life by focusing on details, emotions, and important moments throughout the entire ceremony and reception. And these two certainly gave us some incredible moments that we’ll never forget!

After a beautiful ceremony at Grace Episcopal Church, Kat and Tony kicked off their marriage with an epic, glamorous party at Hilton Ocala and it was definitely as fabulous and unforgettable as they are!

The light. The intimacy. The unforgettable moment between these two lovely souls. Perfection!

Kat and Tony’s wedding was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m so glad their images reflect the beauty and splendor of their relationship.

For more of our wedding and event work, please check out the Maven Photo + Film website.

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