07 Sep 2020

The Wessels Family

I may be a little biased, but I think the sweetest families live in Ocala, Florida. This fun-loving group gave me an afternoon full of adventures! While Mom and Dad played with the older girls, sweet baby sister and I had an adorable conversation and she gave me the cutest expressions! I was there to document her birth this past fall, and it’s hard to believe she’s already 6 months old! The family started a garden during quarantine and we […]

03 Aug 2020

The Loughlin Family

I had the best afternoon hanging out with the sweetest family for this extended family lifestyle session! Documenting their activities was full of fun, chaos and sweet moments. I had the cutest conversations with this little guy and he showed off his baseball skills in the front yard. Handmade pizza was for lunch and the whole family pitched in to help! Mom and Dad were able to enjoy a quiet moment alone while the pizza was in the oven. This […]

04 May 2020

Sokol-Deras Wedding

Capturing intimate moments is a specialty and focus of documentary-style photography. My Maven Photo + Film partner, Dave Miller, and I worked to bring unique, spectacular moments to life by focusing on details, emotions, and important moments throughout the entire ceremony and reception. And these two certainly gave us some incredible moments that we’ll never forget! After a beautiful ceremony at Grace Episcopal Church, Kat and Tony kicked off their marriage with an epic, glamorous party at Hilton Ocala and […]

23 Apr 2020

The Villella Family

Pancakes and pajamas are definitely priorities for a slow, relaxing weekend morning together. But did you really have a family meal together if at least one kid wasn’t under the table half the time? The kiddos sure had their own agenda for this morning and we were all happy to just go with the flow and follow them on their adventures.  Mom and Dad kept telling me how their four-year old and their new puppy are “supa fast!” I’m so […]